rotterdam contemporary art fair

25th January 2016

From the 10th through the 14th of February 2016, it’s Art Rotterdam Week. One of the main fairs is the Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair in the Cruise Terminal. Visit the Ketelfactory stand there for a preview of Snapshot of a larger order. We look forward to meeting you!

maria blaisse

As of April, art manifestation Snapshot of a larger order will be presenting new work by twenty Dutch artists in the Noletloodsen in Schiedam. These artists have previously exhibited work at De Ketelfactory. During Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair we will show a preview by means of a work by Maria Blaisse (Amsterdam, 1944). Her work consists of sculptures and costumes. Often a mix of art, design, textile and fashion, and much displayed in theatres, museums, galleries and on the catwalk. Visit the stand between the 10th and the 14th of February at the Cruise Terminal.

breathing sphere

Maria Blaisse’s large bamboo sculptures, including Breathing Sphere, breathe and throw moving shadows onto floors and walls. As a visitor, one gets the feeling of being in a film. The entire space is alive. Blaisse has, for years, been experimenting with ‘form’ through various materials and many methods of application. In recent years, she has developed a series of large bamboo sculptures. Due to the tensing and relaxing of the structures, the forms practically work as perpetuum mobiles. It’s intriguing to see how a so-called simple form brings forth an infinite array of graphic images.


De Ketelfactory, Maria Blaisse, Breathing Sphere, 150 cm, 2012, fotograaf Kim de Groot