pop up garden by farm of the world

Farm of the World focuses on exploring new and sustainable futures for the countryside. The centre of the project is an abandoned farm, called the Kreake, in Húns. This is a tiny village in Friesland. Farm of the World presents during Snapshot of a larger order a pop up garden in Schiedam. This garden is part of the new work Claudy Jongstra has made for this exhibition.

From an abondoned farm to an educational center

By bringing in people from all over the world to work together and with local resources, the Kreake becomes a production farm again. This time as an example of how creativity and cooperation can bring life to a formerly abandoned rural farm. Farm of the World wants to show the diversity and richness of what a small piece of land is able to produce. From biodynamic bouquets, ceramics, food, dyes and space to a safe haven and educational center for disadvantaged youth.

pop up garden in schiedam

For Snapshot of a larger order, Farm of the World developed together with Hans Engelbrecht a pop up garden on a small strip of land in Schiedam. The garden is an example of how versatile nature is and how productive and inspirational even a small and abandoned piece of land can be. A small greenhouse produces fresh herbs and small vegetables in crates for the restaurant Ketelkantine. Guests can cut their own herbs for a cup of tea or salad.

Farm of the World is generously supported by Leeuwarden 2018.