The exhibition Snapshot of a larger order will be accompanied by the appearance of three publications and a film.


Each visitor will receive a complimentary guide with their ticket, either in Dutch or in English. This guide contains texts by writer and reviewer Lucette ter Borg about the twenty artists and their work. Experiencing the works of art in this way, through Lucette’s personal vision, offers visitors an unexpectd and imaginitive insight into what they see. Photographer Guus Rijven captured the works in progress and shot portraits of the artists. A map of the grounds will guide you through the exhibition.

publication ‘Back to the beginning’

’Back to the beginning’ is an additional publication, created specially for Snapshot of a larger order. This book is an in-depth accompaniment to the exhibition. This publication is on sale throughout the exhibition at the Noletloodsen.

Visual artist and writer Florette Dijkstra has written a selection of stories about the beginnings of art, led by the insights of artists and writers of all times. They are not art historical or philosophical essays, but personal and literary texts that continue to search for the origins of art in the past as well as in each work of art created.

During the build of the exhibition, photographer Guus Rijven captured the entire process. From empty warehouses to the installation of the final works. The arrangement of the space, the mock-ups the artists made of their work, the artists’ studios, the works of art in progress and so much more. Everything in the photos is becoming, nothing is ‘finished’.

Alongside the stories and photos, the publication contains a DVD, bearing the film ‘Movement towards a larger order’ by visual artist, filmmaker and director Kim Zeegers.

magazine ‘the beholder’

As a visitor of an exhibition, one usually remains anonymous, not playing a particularly active role in the grand scheme of things. Yet there are many relevant questions and experiences imaginable that might occupy your thoughts. In Snapshot of a larger order ‘the beholder’ is given a voice.

Art historic and art critic Frits de Coninck has asked a group of professional art viewers about their viewing experiences. What exactly do you look at, and what do you look for? Which associations, emotions, recognitions are brought on by what you see? What does the viewing evoke in terms of reflections, ideas, doubts? Why do you look at art and what does that mean? What sort of miniature universe do you behold?

The magazine ‘the beholder’ gives you, as a visitor, an insight into the exhibition through the eyes of those involved. Also, De Ketelfactory, initiator of the exhibition, is explored as a place for art and the observation of art. Photographer Guus Rijven created portraits of those interviewed.

The magazine is on sale throughout the exhibition at the Noletloodsen for € 1.

film ‘movement towards a larger order’

Visual artist, filmmaker and director Kim Zeegers is creating a new film, specially for this exhibition, in which the participating artists share their so-called ‘motor moment’. That which provokes them to create a new work of art. This can be a location, but equally an action.

Rather than text or explanation, the film offers an impression of that which inspires the artists. This 45-minute film will be shown as part of the exhibition. A DVD of the film has been included in the publication ‘Back to the beginning’.

Over recent years, Kim Zeegers has created ten-minute video portraits of each of the artists in the series ‘Soul’s Delights’. In these portraits, artists expand on their fascinations and their sources. The video portraits can be permanently viewed on the Ketelfactory website.




Uitzicht vanuit de Noletloodsen